Why Chris Christie is an Asshole and How That Affects Us All

Chris Christie is an asshole, a loud mouthed, arrogant, overweight asshole, pretty much the epitome of everything that enemies hate. I bet he is a perfectly likeable guy and a wonderful husband and father, but he is a tremendous example of the lacking of civility in politics in the narrow scope, and of civility in our society in the broader scope. His lack of respect for people who disagree with his position, or reporters, who are just trying to do their jobs, is to meet them with anger and berate them. Which is not something you would have seen from a politician even 10 years ago, but somehow it has become acceptable for politicians to act this way. They have been allowed to be held to a lower standard. I know Chris Christie isn’t the only politician to act in this way, but I use him as the example here because I don’t like him very much, except for his love of Bruce Springsteen, that’s the only thing we can agree on.

Civility is something that Chris Christie lacks, but it is also something that we as a society are sorely lacking. No one holds doors for other people anymore, or say thank you when some one holds a door for them, like the door should be held for their ignorant unimportant selves. Everyone is in such a hurry to get everywhere. And in reality everyone thinks that they are more important than they really are. I blame that on reality shows, like Jersey Shore (so actually me and Chris have 2 things in common, we hate that show). Reality shows have allowed everyone to think that their lives are important and that everyone is interested in them. Newsflash, no one cares, your life and times, is no more important than anyone else’s. So get over yourself.

I also blame this on the lack of civility from our elected leaders. They allow their utter contempt for each other to be out there for everyone to see. So then everyone takes that in, and finds themselves caring less about their fellow man because of it. And that is wrong. We have elected leaders who can barely hide their disdain for the poor, or can hardly contain their racist xenophobia. Just to remind everyone the only people that can claim that they’re native Americans, are the Native Americans. But unless we as a society start holding our elected leaders to a higher standard than they do, because they are the standard bearers for us as a society,  we will be doomed to continue to live in a society where no one cares about anyone else.

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Or you can tweet and email, or if people still do this, send letters to your elected leaders and tell them how they can improve their behavior.



  1. Some feel/think it wrong to deal in a civil manner with evil people., lest the evil ones be encouraged to continue their evil-doing. Joe Friday was an example Others learn to conceal their contempt for the contemptible with a facade of almost obsequious courtesys, while plotting to deal with them in a draconian manner. Some of us use both techniques, depending on the particular circumstances. We try to remember that morality is much more important than civility.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, but I have to disagree. Some people feel that if you are a moral person that is all you need. But being a moral person in turn means being a civil person, treating people with respect, treating people how you would want to be treated.
      Labeling a person as evil just because they have differing political views, or values is exactly what I am saying is wrong with this country. To label any person as evil, who isn’t a murderer or sex offender, is flat wrong. People in this country have the right to question their elected leaders without being called names and heckled for it. Reporters’ jobs are to ask the questions that their readers/viewers want answered, and not to be called names for doing their job. What I’m trying to say is that through all of that these elected leaders are suppose to be above the fray, to practice civility. Again thanks for reading.

  2. Stephen Wright · · Reply

    Crispy Kreme Christie. I hope he has a massive heart attack. You can thank him for losing my Romney vote. I heard his 15 minutes of shame. You are a bully and a turd.

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