Monthly Archives: November 2012

Mid Week Special

This is a special mid-week edition of my beer reviews, for a special beer: The Mad Elf Ale 2011 Vintage Troegs Brewing Co, Hershey, PA ABV: 11% Bitterness: low Sips: 5 out of 5 This is a bottle of Mad Elf that I saved from my collection from last year, and boy was it worth […]

Beer Reviews 11-25-12

Here are my reviews for this week: Decadent, Imperial IPA Ska Brewing Co. Durango, CO ABV: 10% Bitterness: medium Sips (out of 5): 3 This imperial IPA is not quite what I expected it to be. It was a lot lighter and smoother than most IPAs are. It has a nice hoppy taste but enough for what […]

Beer Reviews 11-18-12

Here are my reviews for this week: 1554, black ale New Belgium Brewing, Ft. Collins, CO ABV: 5.6% Bitterness/IBU: 21 low-medium Sips (out of 5): 3 This beer, which is available year round, had a nice hoppy taste that wasn’t overdone. Don’t let the dark color fool you, it was surprisingly light too. Overall a […]

Beer Reviews 11-11-12

Here are my reviews for this week: Black Radish, dark lager Weeping Radish Brewery Jarvisburg, NC ABV: 5.3% Bitterness: low Sips (out of 5): 2.5 This is just a blah beer. I was not impressed by it. It had a weird tart taste, that I can’t really explain what it is. If you get to […]

Election Day Question: Limits

By now we all have seen at least the highlights, or lowlights, from the presidential debates, campaigning, and millions of political ads, which I bet we all are sick of. And since I painstakingly watched all three debates, plus the vice presidential debate, what can I say I’m a glutton, I have a few questions […]

Beer Reviews 11-4-12: Pumpkin Beer Edition IV

Here are some more pumpkin beer reviews: Night Owl Pumpkin Ale Elysian Brewing Co Seattle, WA ABV: 5.9% IBU: 18 Sips (out of 5): 3 This beer was more spice than pumpkin in taste. The spice really creeps up on you and kicks in after you finish your sip. The pumpkin seems to be there faintly, […]