Mid Week Special

This is a special mid-week edition of my beer reviews, for a special beer:

The Mad Elf Ale 2011 Vintage

Troegs Brewing Co, Hershey, PA

ABV: 11%

Bitterness: low

Sips: 5 out of 5

This is a bottle of Mad Elf that I saved from my collection from last year, and boy was it worth the wait. By allowing these few beers to sit for a year it changed the taste a little, I would say it made it smoother than when I had them last winter. And it also allowed the alcohol content to kick up a little above the 11% as it’s listed. This is a great beer, it is a Christmas beer that has already started showing in stores, as a matter of fact most stores are out of their allotment for this year. So if you want to try it I would hurry to find it. You will not be disappointed. I will review this years Mad Elf in a few weeks, and let you know what I think of this years batch.

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