It’s been awhile and I know you’ve been missing my rants, so I have one I wanted to share.

As I sit here on another Easter night, I wonder why we as a society here in the U.S. pay so much attention and celebrate secular holidays, like Easter and Christmas, so much. For some reason this country pays more attention and energy in celebrating holidays about a book and people that we don’t know or can’t prove existed. I feel like we do that because most of us have been raised in a religion of some sort, so that may be the reason that we accept it all without question. But I question it. I question why we as a society don’t feel the need to put more effort into celebrating Memorial Day, or Veterans Day, days that celebrate people who put their lives on the line for us. They may be our parents, grandparents, brothers, sister, cousins, friends, what I’m saying is they are people we know, people we’ve seen. For some reason though we as a society have decided to rank gods we don’t know, haven’t seen, or don’t believe in, ahead of people we know and love. That to me is a sad, and needs to change, we need to pay more attention to our veterans and show them our thanks, because they are here and these gods are not.

I’m Back. I know this was a shorter post than normal, but I have two kids now, and it’s all I have time for. So my posts may be shorter and sweeter and most definitely inconsistent. If you can’t wait for my next post follow me on Twitter @AngrySpanky.


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