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Election Day Question: Limits

By now we all have seen at least the highlights, or lowlights, from the presidential debates, campaigning, and millions of political ads, which I bet we all are sick of. And since I painstakingly watched all three debates, plus the vice presidential debate, what can I say I’m a glutton, I have a few questions […]

politics and race

I have been called a racial epithet too many times in my life I have lost count. Let me start by saying that I am a 32-year-old white male. I really did go through my adolescent years being repeatedly called the n-word. I assume it was because of what music I liked and how I dressed, and […]

Why Riley Balling Is Wrong, and Matt Birk Too

If you don’t know who Riley Balling is, don’t worry, I can almost guarantee his family and friends are the only people who do. I’m writing about him because he opened his opinionated mouth and stuck his bigoted foot into it. Here is a link to his opinion piece from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Feel free to […]

The Tea Party and Why They’ve Ruined This Country

The tea party is a movement, so being called a party is a misnomer. It is a movement that according to the New York Times is “anti-government, anti-spending, anti-immigration, and anti-compromise politics.” What the New York Times forgot to say is they are also anti-religion, except Christianity, anti-gay, and anti-minorities. So they are basically a hate […]


As you can tell from the title of this post I’m not a fan of religions, and I know this will probably be my most controversial post yet. My disdain for religions has been a long time coming. I attended Catholic school K-12, which was more than enough time to prove to me that religions are absolute […]

Marriage Equality and Why Emmett C. Burns, Jr. Is An Asshole

It’s rare when professional athletes weigh in with their honest political opinions. Most follow the old Michael Jordan axiom “that Republicans buy sneakers too,” and won’t say anything for fear that they will offend people who will line their pockets. Well this week a few NFL players have stepped into the fray, and offered their […]

Voter ID Laws

Somehow in the last year the big republican craze has been to create laws to stamp out voter fraud. In reality all these racist republicans are trying to do is stamp out the ability for low-income individuals to exercise their privilege to vote. This is just a fancy, less bigoted form of the polling taxes that Jim Crow southerners […]