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It’s been awhile and I know you’ve been missing my rants, so I have one I wanted to share. As I sit here on another Easter night, I wonder why we as a society here in the U.S. pay so much attention and celebrate secular holidays, like Easter and Christmas, so much. For some reason […]

The Olympics

For over the last week I have been watching and enjoying the Olympics, just like billions of people around the world, but probably not my sister. As I have been watching I’ve been wondering why the hell some of these events and competitions are Olympic sports. I think most of you, my readers, believe that […]


Welcome to the rambling thoughts of me, Angry Spanky. I’m going to make my first entry on July 20, 2012; my feelings of the tragedy that occurred today in Colorado. My first reaction when I saw the news this morning was sadness for all the people who’s lives were changed for the worse. My second […]